There are so many incredible architectural glazing options available on the market beyond standard windows and doors that you should consider when trying to transform the daylight in your home

No one can argue the benefits of maximising the sunlight exposure through our homes which is evidential in how products such as sliding or bi-folding doors and roof lights and lanterns have grown in popularity.

When walking into an exciting new property or renovation project, we are automatically drawn to the interior style, finish quality, architecture and textiles. However, it’s normally the clever use of architectural glazing that gives all these features the ability to wow our eyes. We believe reducing our reliance on artificial light should always be a key factor to consider when embarking on your dream projects.

Architectural Glazing Trends

Interior design and architectural trends are constantly changing but the desire to increase the natural daylight in our homes is a very consistent factor in design. At Daylight, our glazing experts work with Architects and Design and Build Specialist to source and install the perfect glazing for every project, ensuring that you get exactly what you want.

Whether your architect requires facades, conservatories, roof lights or partitions, we will source and install whatever product range your desired outcome requires to let the sunlight flood in.

Toughened walk-on glass is a less common use of glass that has recently been growing in popularity. An innovative way to allow light to enter subterranean rooms, this type of statement architectural feature has the benefit of retaining useable floors space above.

Another less common but extremely effective way of maximising the light flow in your property is the use of glass balustrades. Practically used for protecting the edges of balconies, landings, stairs, patios and ramps, they are a great way of maximising the light flow around your property whilst still performing their primary safety function.

Aluminium Curved Doors

Glazing Experts

We at Daylight have expert knowledge on the products you can use to create better light flow in your property or renovation project. If you would like more information or are interested in a quote, please get in touch today.