With the growing trend of homeowners choosing to extend or renovate their own properties rather than heading to the housing market for an upgrade, the popularity of bi-fold door chat with friends and family has also seen a formidable rise

If you’re anything like us, you probably focus on making the most of your kitchen and garden space when entertaining guests. So it makes total sense that when home projects are in their planning stage, encouraging uninterrupted space throughout your ‘entertaining zones’ is normally the first thought. The right bi-folds can cleverly pick up that extension of free flowing interior space and carry it out into your garden.

Where to buy Bi-fold Doors

This leads us onto the big question…where is the best place to buy bi-fold doors?

A quick browse through Google will soon have you bombarded with multiple options for your dream doors, but many sites seem to be manufacturers rather than installers. A quick change in search terms and all of sudden you now have access to thousands of installers, but in the main these businesses seem to be linked to one or two major manufacturer profiles and systems which immediately limits choice.

Simplifying the Process

If you pick a window from a manufacturer you’re told who you have to use to install it, and now you also have to link this in with your builder. If you go direct to an installer, you’re limited by choice due to who their suppliers are. Ask your builder? You’re instantly pushed towards a range they know they can easily install using their favoured fitters.

The whole bi-fold door buying process is setup to make it as convenient as possible for manufacturers, fitters and builders to get a convenient door into generic hole.

But what if you don’t want the convenient or generic option! Surely for the investment involved (your spend!) you should be able to pick the product you want that will best suit your needs and lifestyle and then have skilled professionals do the rest for you, no?

Aluminium Bi-fold Doors

Removing Compromise

This compromise is the exact reason Daylight was created. The glazing market consists of manufacturers, installers, fitters and builders. Daylight is a procurement service to bring all these moving parts together. We make no apology in showing zero bias towards anyone other than the most important person – the homeowner.

Our team at Daylight can work directly with any or all of the stakeholders in the chain. We’ve worked with architects at the initial planning stage where homeowners have given them free reign, and we also regularly work with homeowners and their builders to help them source and install the perfect product they saw on that magical Pinterest post!

You can spend hours perusing the different brands, products and ways to get them fitted. But, if you want to focus your time on loving with bi-fold doors you’ll love, safe in the knowledge that they can can also be installed into your home without spending days trying to link an impossible process together, give us a call.

It’s what we do!